Production Process

As an online training production service we manage all
the creative stages from researching and interpreting
the course materials to studio and location recordings.

Briefing and Research

We consult closely with subject experts to understand the learning objectives, style and required tone of voice for the specific audience. We gather as much information as possible from the existing course content and by further discussions with leading experts as necessary. All courses are approved and accredited by leading industry bodies, so it is critical to get the content factually accurate.


Dependent upon the look and style required, a presenter is picked from a selection of pre-auditioned talent. We select the best presenter that fits the required look, feel and style of the online course. The presenter, like a course tutor, must build rapport with the audience so this is also a big consideration when choosing the right talent.


We employ professional scriptwriters who create the scripts produced from the briefing. It is very important to get the learning message across in short interactive elements. Statistics have indicated that you have a maximum of 10 seconds to capture visitor attention on a webpage. The VideoTile script must be immediately relevant to the learner and subject matter.


Having fully understood the requirements of the course we then develop an overall idea or concept for the content and as necessary any associated graphic elements. This is conveyed as a story board to give our experts the opportunity to provide further input and influence the creative process.

Graphics and Gamification

Animated graphics are created that are synchronised to the presenter’s delivery helping to reinforce the learning message and provide further stimulus to hold audience attention. These graphics can also form part of the clickable interactive content on the page for additional navigation and interaction as required. We also use the main principles of gaming to create an engaging learning environment.


VideoTile recording is carried out at our specially equipped studios and using the very latest filming techniques and technology for location shoots. Presenters use autocue to ensure that they are word perfect and that the all-important eye contact is maintained.  Over the past 10 years we have perfected many in studio techniques that maximise quality while providing an interesting and animated delivery.


Once recorded, the raw video content is then edited and keyed to provide the final video component that will be used in the eLearning course. This editing process can add a great deal of visual creativity as the basic recording can be digitally manipulated and composed in three dimensions to deliver the required effect.


VideoTile Learning content is delivered via our in house created Learning Management System.

Our LMS has been developed and refined over the last 10 years. It has two interfaces, a dashboard for the distributor and another for the customer.

The distributor or learning providers dashboard allows you to manage your customers’ accounts.

The customer dashboard is where the candidates go to do the training. Your customer can use the dashboard to manage any number of candidates. It’s mobile-responsive and can deliver extensive reports. If needed, it will work side-by-side with an existing LMS, via our open API.

The system includes all the features you would expect from a LMS – and much more.

Mobile friendly

Unlimited usage & bulk credit

API: Use your own LMS

VideoTile obtains appropriate regulatory approvals and accreditations for all its video-based online training courses to US federal law standards

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